School Leadership

Beth Jones

Head of School

As the Head of ISA Tianhe School, Beth brings more than 30 years of education experience to our school. She became a founding member of ISA Tianhe International School of Guangzhou in 2016. Throughout her career, she has worked in Primary and Early Years schools in the UK and Europe, as well as IGCSE and A-Level schools in Russia. 

Beth graduated from the University of Exeter with a BA Hons, and has a Postgraduate Diploma in literature, and a Postgraduate Certificate of Education. She has trained in Pedagogical Leadership, and holds IB Leadership Certificates, demonstrating her dedication to lifelong learning. Beth is also a TYCEMC Teacher Trainer and an advisor to the International Scholastic Trust (IST) of Singapore. She has worked tirelessly as an educational leader to create respectful, friendly, and inclusive learning environments for students to experience the joy of learning.

Gary Martin

Deputy Head of Primary

As the Deputy Head of Primary at ISA Tianhe, Gary brings 8 years of Senior Leadership experience in prestigious international schools across China as well as 15 years of teaching practice. Prior to joining ISA, Gary helped develop a new start up school in Shenzhen and enjoys creating effective systems within the school environment.

Gary graduated from the University of Staffordshire with a BA Hons in Journalism and completed his PGCE at Brighton University. Gary is an advocate for life-long learning and is currently studying at Oxford University whilst also completing a master’s degree in Digital Education at The University of Edinburgh.

Gary believes that pastoral care and child wellbeing are vital components of a modern education, and that school should feel part of an extended family. He enjoys leading initiatives to promote safeguarding, health and safety, professional development and mindfulness whilst giving all students opportunities to show their best.

Caroline Coghlan

Early Years Coordinator

As the Early Years coordinator of ISA Tianhe, Caroline brings over 15 years of education experience to our school. Caroline became a member of ISA Tianhe International School of Guangzhou in 2018. Throughout her career, she has worked in Primary and Early Years schools in Ireland, UK and Hong Kong, as well as Early Childhood Centers in USA. Caroline graduated from Queens University of Belfast with both a BA Hons in Psychology and then later returned to complete her Masters Degree in Education. She studied for her Postgraduate Certificate in Education at the University of Bath Spa. Caroline has trained in Special Education Needs provision and holds various IB certificates, as well as those specific for teaching English to second language learners. Caroline has held a mentor and supervisor role supporting colleagues who are completing their Postgraduate Certificate of Education. She enjoys forming close relationships with students, parents and co-workers to ensure all members of the ISA Tianhe school community feel seen, heard and valued.

Anup Prabhakaran

Primary Coordinator

Anup has 12 years of experience in education. Before coming to China, he worked in Leeds- UK as a teacher in one of the most reputable schools for six years. He had previous roles as an Academic Principal, PYP Coordinator, Deputy Head of the International departments and Homeroom teacher in China.

He has Master's in International Educational Leadership (IB Leadership) from Hongkong University. He also has Master's in Operations Management and PGCE from Essex University (UK). He has attained several Professional & Leadership certifications from IB.

He has always been passionate about education for primary students and has written articles on Psychology, Social Emotional Learning (SEL) & IB PYP curriculum in the IB teaching blogs.

Emine Dogan

Assistant PYP Coordinator

Emine received a Bachelor’s degree of Education (Hons) from the University of Hertfordshire. QTS from the General Teaching Council for England (Teacher Regulation Agency). 

With more than 14 years in the international education sector, she has served at both teaching team and leadership level including primary homeroom teacher, maths coordinator and PYP coordinator in several schools in different countries. she has extensive experiences in coordinating all aspects of PYP and Early Years departments and organizing the PYP exhibition. Additionally, Emine is an accredited IB PYP workshop leader, IT enthusiast and a bilingual communicator in English and Turkish. She is excited to join ISA Tianhe vibrant community.

Fannie Li

Chinese Language Coordinator

Fannie Li graduated from Southwest University with a major in Chinese language and literature education. She has 16 years’ experience in Chinese teaching and class management and 8 years’ experience in Chinese teaching in international school. She was the head of the teaching department and the leader of subject, and was awarded the title of excellent teacher, excellent educator and excellent head teacher. She has published many teaching papers in different educational magazines.

She joined the founding team of ISA Tianhe School in 2014 and is currently the Chinese Coordinator. She is committed to the art of Chinese classroom teaching, exploring the setting and implementation of Chinese curriculum in international schools. She participated in the construction of the Chinese curriculum model, integrating curriculum resources and developing school-based textbooks with the Chinese teacher team.

Fannie Li also organized the teaching and research of Chinese traditional culture, guided students to participate in various competitions and inquiry activities and won awards. She is very kind and easygoing, she loves thinking and learning. She has participated in international education seminars and IBO training many times and holds relevant certificates.

Sylvia Lee

Assistant Operations Director of ISA Tianhe

Sylvia joined ISA Tianhe in 2016. It’s the sixth year since she joined ISA Tianhe. Over the past few years, she has been working on project development, industry research of International Education, business and procurement, co-curriculum, charity and operation management. She has practical understanding and experiences of international education and international school management through her experience of working in the school. With her profound conception of the ISA vision and mission, Sylvia devotes herself to the school establishment and operation management of ISA Tianhe, and strives to create a safe, orderly, comfortable and warm school environment for students.

Homeroom Teacher

Catherine Christie

Homeroom Teacher

As a homeroom teacher of Early Years, Catherine has been part of the ISA Tianhe family for 5 years. She holds a Bachelor of Education certification, Diploma of Teaching from Waikato University, New Zealand.

She has more than 17 years of teaching experience. She has been Early Years and Primary teacher at Yew Chung International, Hong Kong (6 years), Eton House International, Singapore (3 years), Excelsior International, Malaysia (3years) and ISA Tianhe, China (5 years).

Eddy Castillo

Homeroom Teacher

As an Early Year's Homeroom teacher at ISA Tianhe, Eddy brings more than four years of education experience to the school. Throughout his career, Eddy has worked in international schools, implementing teaching methods to suit bilingual and mulitlingual students. His education experience has been focused on early years school in China.

Eddy graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno, with a Bachelor of Science. He holds TEFL certification, granting him experience in teaching English as a foreign language in any non-native country. Eddy’s PGCE further enrich his educational background and experience. He has dedicated his education experience in China to creating a safe, friendly, and inclusive learning environment for all of his students.

Amy Mcloughlin

Homeroom Teacher

Amy has a long-standing passion for working with children. Obtaining a BA Hons degree from the University of Newcastle, England, Amy is continuously encouraging and supporting children to be the best they can be. From her dissertation on how teachers can support children’s social, emotional and mental health in the classroom, Amy has effectively transitioned the knowledge and principals gained from her dissertation into her routine practices as a teacher. After being in education in Ireland, Amy came to China 5 years ago and is excited to join ISA Tianhe.

Christopher Grewcock

Homeroom Teacher

As an Early Years homeroom teacher, Chris brings 13 years of teaching in China. He has spent most of his teaching in Early years and Primary education. Chris brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm to lessons, creating a fun but structured learning experience to his students. He has a strong understanding of phonics in Early years which is reflected in the students learning and understanding shown throughout the year. Chris forms strong, lasting relationships with the students in EY3 as well parents, making everyone a part of the EY3 and ISA Tianhe family.

Chris received a bachelor’s degree of Arts in the UK and has teaching certification for Early years. Throughout his time teaching, Chris has become a well-rounded teacher with knowledge and understanding of the students’ needs and understanding.

Gracie-Lin Mulchrone

Homeroom Teacher

As a homeroom teacher in the Early Years, Gracie forms a warm, nurturing and fun atmosphere for students to learn. She creates a strong, lasting relationship with students and parents.

Gracie graduated from the university of Crown with a BA in English literature and language and a PGCE from University of Essex.

Throughout her career in education, she has worked to become a strong, innovative practitioner. With a history of working in international education for the last 4 years, Gracie enjoys assessing, observing and facilitating the needs for children to learn with tools they enjoy.

Richard Mapp

Homeroom Teacher

As an Early Years homeroom teacher, Richard brings 5 years of international teaching experience to ISA. He was the EY3 homeroom teacher in 2021 and has spent most of his teaching career in early years. He has taught in ISA Tianhe, bringing creative and tangible experiences to explore different learning environments. Whether this is inside a classroom, using artistic equipment or outdoor learning challenges, there are always different learning opportunities using playful pedagogy. He has a strong passion for teaching phonetics and unlocking the abilities of reading for his students. His personal belief is that reading can open many doors in life and education.

Richard Graduated from Sheffield Hallam with a BA hons and attained a Postgraduate certificate of education from Leeds Beckett university. He has received the making PYP happen IB certificate and continues to achieve further milestones. Richard brings a respectful, friendly and creative environment for students to develop their learner profiles and to further their learning journeys.

Hilary Davis

Homeroom Teacher

Hilary Davis is a well-qualified and experienced. Hilary joined ISA Tianhe in 2017. She has taught in South Africa for 21 years, as well as in China. Hilary has a bachelor’s degree in Geography and PE, a postgraduate in Education, and an honours degree in Education. Hilary is passionate about teaching Early Years and she enjoy the challenges of that age group, especially of getting the children to learn to read and write in English. Hilary’s passion lies in Environmental and Outdoor Education. She set up the school garden at ISA Tianhe, which was a very successful addition to the Early Years department and was greatly enjoyed by children and parents alike. Hilary has a positive energy and the vibrancy that she brings to her classroom and indeed to school life. She has been teaching at ISA for five years now and is a dedicated, reliable member of our member.

Moises Marin

Homeroom Teacher

Moises graduated from Carleton University with a B.A in Psychology in 2011. He holds IB teacher certification and a PGCE from the UK. Moises has 8 years’ teaching experience with student aged from 4 to 11.

Moises aims to motivate and direct students to maximise their performance by creating an encouraging, positive and energetic environment in the classroom. With the intent to allow the students to feel comfortable and safe while expressing themselves as they learn. Moises has had many opportunities to travel and experience many diverse and interesting cultures due to competing in international karate competitions and his general love for travel.

Boaz Stark

Homeroom Teacher

As an Early Years teacher, Bo brings more than 5 years of experience ranging from early years to primary and holds several IB teaching certificates.

Prior to settling in Guangzhou, Bo received his Bachelor’s degree from Portland State University and a postgraduate diploma in Elementary Education from The University of West Florida. Working at ISA Tianhe will be a great honour, and he is eager to bring his energy, experience and educational background to the team.

Judith Sanderson

Homeroom Teacher

Jude graduated from the University of London with a degree in Education. She has a passion for education and over 35 years’ diverse teaching experience in England, the Middle East and China.  It is her seventh year since she has joined ISA Tianhe. As an IB teacher, she was the Head of Photography and Acting, Head of Design and Visual Arts Departments in many schools, she shows her passion to teaching, mentoring colleagues, and coaching teacher in literary teaching.

Ellen Davies

Homeroom Teacher

Ellen has a Bachelor of Arts, Education (Hons) with qualified teacher status (QTS). She has nearly 10 years’ teaching experience in a range of culturally diverse schools in the UK and China.  It’s her 5th year in ISA Tianhe. She is an experienced teacher specialising in teaching Early Years, Foundation Stage and Year 1 children.

Tristan Davis

Homeroom Teacher

Tristan moved to Guangzhou after graduating and has been teaching in Primary schools around Guangzhou for the past 5 years, with the past 3 years being in an IB PYP setting. He is familiar with the ISA Tianhe family, having worked in their Summer School programme for the past 3 years as a homeroom. Tristan graduated from the University of Stellenbosch with a Bachelor of Commerce and a post graduate diploma in Pre & Primary teaching. He always works towards having a positive classroom environment that encourages collaboration and builds friendships to ensure that everyone is enjoying their journey of being a lifelong learner.

Brett John

Homeroom Teacher

Brett is a very experienced teacher who has been an educator for more than thirty years and a teacher at ISA Tianhe International School since 2018. In his career, he has taught in many countries including long periods in Singapore, Japan and Saudi Arabia. His qualifications include a BA in English, a PGCE in Primary Education (Ages 4-11) and a Masters degree in Educational Leadership.

Brett's teaching interests focus on language development and his teaching strategies include the frequent use of poetry, songs, stories and drama. Brett's classroom could certainly be described as a 'language-centred' classroom and he is creative and imaginative in developing an environment in which children can flourish as readers, writers, speakers and listeners.

As a teacher, Brett is able to develop an excellent rapport with his students and a classroom atmosphere which supports the students both socially and academically. His teaching approach values effort and he encourages all students to work hard and achieve their full potential.

Jeffery B Drewett

Homeroom Teacher

Jeffrey brings more than 20 years of educational experience to the ISA Tianhe primary years program.  During his career, he has instructed from the Primary years level to university.

Jeffrey received his BS in Decision Sciences and Management Information Systems from George Mason University and has continued his pursuit of lifelong learning earning a MA in Teaching, Postgraduate Certification of Education, United States DoD certifications - accredited by the Commission on English Language and certified by the US Department of Education - among others.

Jeffrey believes there are more similarities than differences in the world and that education is an essential catalyst to bringing about understanding, cooperation, and Global-Mindedness.

Matthew Kagler

Homeroom Teacher

An experienced, creative and adaptable educator with over 20 years in the profession, working with the IB (PYP), Matthew attended the University of Washington, graduating with a BA in Early Childhood Psychology. A son of American diplomats and native of Southern California, Matthew r found his home and second language in China working within the international schooling system, at several notable schools. He looks forward to introducing his students to a “Clear Hearts, Full Minds, No Boundaries” mentality and is beyond excited to be a member of the ISA Tianhe team.

Kenneth Harvey

Homeroom Teacher

Ken received a Bachelor's Degree in Education from Central Queensland University. Ken has over 16 years of homeroom teaching experience; he taught primary year levels in Australia and International schools in Oman and China. Ken joined ISA Tianhe in 2019, this will be his third year at ISA Tianhe, and he is a primary homeroom teacher currently. Ken has a passion for working with our learners, helping each child progress in all areas of their development—academic, social, language, and motor— a challenge that Ken accepts daily. He strives to create a community of learners that nurtures this growth in a positive, fun environment.

Tara O'mahony

Homeroom Teacher

Tara has been living and teaching in China for more than 5 years now. Prior to her teaching career in China, Tara has graduated from the University College Cork in Ireland with a degree in Social Science. Tara was in education in Ireland before bring in her teaching skills to China 5 years ago, where she has been teaching young children, focusing on skills that improves critical thinking, creativity and raising awareness and understanding of the world.

With all she has achieved thus far, Tara continues aiming to teach her students in a positive, encouraging environment, focusing on independent learning. She believes that learning takes place both in the classroom and at home, leading her to work closely with parents, keeping them informed to better help their children be the best they can be.

Carly Smith

Homeroom Teacher

Carly has moved around the world most of her life where she was able to experience diverse cultures and new languages in places such as Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Canada, and Colombia. She moved back to Colombia in 2018, which is where her teaching experience started. Carly brings her 4 years of experience teaching primary in an international school to ISA Tianhe and is excited to be joining the ISA family, and living and working in China.

Carly graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Major in English Language and a Minor in Family Studies and Early Childhood Education. She has a Masters from the University of Ottawa in Early Childhood Education, specializing in Teaching and Learning. Carly always aims to create a safe and fun learning environment for her students, while also striving for a challenging and dynamic academic atmosphere.

Tom Cannon

Homeroom Teacher

Tom has been teaching in China for over 5 years. He has worked in a variety of learning environments, including IB and Reggio Emilia schools. Tom has acquired a range of skills which he uses to create engaging lessons for students.

Having graduated from Cork Institute of Technology in 2016 with a BA Hons., Tom has gone on to receive a Postgraduate Certificate of Education from the University of Nottingham, where he is currently enrolled in the MA Educational Leadership and Management programme. Tom is also an IB-certified teacher with a passion for inquiry-based learning.

Renee Frohlick

Homeroom Teacher

Renee has been with ISA Tianhe for 2 years and continues with us in the role of primary homeroom teacher and our Student Council Coordinator. She brings with her international experience from 6 countries and works to continue developing our school culture through expanding activities and charitable events. With an BA (Hons) degree from Canada and a Master of Teaching degree from Australia, Renee is able to provide a unique learning environment for her students. She is also certified in Special Education, allowing her to meet the needs of all students through differentiated learning. Renee works hard to develop action-oriented students in a vibrant and caring class community.

Oliver Borrow

Homeroom Teacher

Oliver brings over 6 years of educational experience to ISA Tianhe International School. Most recently, he worked in Primary in Kuwait and, as such, brings a wealth of international experience to the role.

Oliver graduated from Middlesex University with a BA Hons. Post-graduation, he achieved Qualified Teacher Status with NQT through the Teaching Regulation Authority of the United Kingdom. He firmly believes in supporting his students to access their full potential through inquiry-based learning in a fun, inclusive and respectful learning environment.

Debbie Rowan

Homeroom Teacher

Debbie has over ten years of teaching experience across a range of different international schools. She graduated from the University of Stirling with a BA Hons in Professional Primary Education with a specialism in Modern Languages in 2012. She has previously worked in Scotland, Russia, Thailand and Colombia teaching year groups across KS1 and 2 and Coordinating leadership of a range of Subjects, including Primary English Coordinator. Debbie's philosophy of education is that all children are unique and must have a stimulating educational environment where they can grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. She aims to create the type of atmosphere where students can meet their full potential, by providing a safe environment where students are invited to share their ideas and take risks.

Specialist Teacher

Pamela Wang

Teaching Affairs Management Coordinator & Associate Teacher & Classroom Assistant Coordinator

Pamela has been in the education industry for ten years and is currently the Teaching Affairs Management Coordinator & Associate Teacher & Classroom Assistant Coordinator at ISA Tianhe. She has many years of experience working in international schools, and she is keen at international education concepts and the differences between Chinese and western education philosophies. She is currently responsible for the school curriculum, teaching arrangements, associate teachers and the training of classroom assistants.

She has also attended and passed the PYP programme teacher training for IB school accreditation.

As an educator, she believes that "Every child is unique" and is passionate about helping every student to know themselves and become the best they can be.

Yoyo Guo

School Librarian

Yoyo Guo has over 10 years of experience working in international school libraries. She joined ISA Tianhe in 2015 and is one of the founding members of the school. The library is the heart of the school, and Yoyo has created a library that allows students and teachers to use the resources and space for teaching and learning, enhance students' interest in reading, and develop their reading hobby.

She has a knack for using the different student's personalities to engage the classroom and make it truly fun for the students to read. Yoyo is actively involved in teaching and library workshops outside of work, and she believes that only by becoming a lifelong learner herself, and then she can inspire and motivate more students and others to become lifelong learners.

Irina Toma

Teacher of Learning Support

Irina has over 14-year experience, teaching children both in Europe/England and Hong Kong. She graduated University in Romania and has obtained a BA degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language and Theology - teaching both Primary and Secondary level students. In 2007 Irina achieved a Qualified Teacher Status, UK. In 2021 she gained a post graduate qualification in teaching English as a Second Language, CELTA – UK.

She has worked in the UK teaching English as an Additional Language, Humanities and Special Needs. In 2012 Irina took an interest in Special Educational Needs Teaching and trained as a Teacher of Learning Support in the UK. Her teaching experience covers a range of abilities, including students with learning and language/communication needs and autism. Irina’s expertise covers whole class teaching and in class support as well as one to one and small group support.

As a Teacher of Learning Support specialist, she incorporates multi-sensory teaching along with carefully noted individual learning styles, interests and backgrounds to enable students to access the curriculum across all subjects. Irina has a holistic approach to teaching and her primary goal is to support students to achieve their academic potential to their very best.

Hana Gu

Korean Teacher & EAL Teacher

Hana is trilingual in Korean, English and Chinese, and a qualified EAL & Korean teacher in ISATH.  Hana has several years of diverse multi-cultural experiences in Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and Shanghai, which enrich the international atmosphere of our school, respecting different languages and cultures.

Hana graduated from Korea University in Seoul, holds 3 BA degrees in Korean Teaching, Chinese Literature and International Relations. Passionate to be a life-long learner, she studied her Master's from Fudan University, and also attained TESOL and professional development certificates in psychological counseling, parent-education consulting, and career counseling.

Julian Taylor

Teacher of Music

Julian has more than 18 years of international teaching experience. He has taught Music at primary and secondary ages in Turkey, Vietnam, Korea and China.

Julian graduated with a degree in Music from the University of East Anglia in the UK, specialising in music technology and composition, and obtained his PGCE certificate from the University of Surrey. He also has a CELTA certificate.

Julian plays brass instruments, is passionate about Music, film and photography and enjoys yoga and scuba diving. He is also a keen advocate for supporting stray animal rescue shelters.

Meiling Jin

Teacher of Music

Meiling holds both a master`s and a doctoral degree in piano from America. Her pedagogical experience includes 4 years of work as artistic volunteering and music therapy in the United States. Some of her important achievements include performances and lectures in venues across the US (Carnegie Hall), Latin America, and Asia.  

Her teaching and performance philosophy is guided by both her Chinese-Korean cultural heritage, and her American higher education. This forms an interdisciplinary approach to collaboration and teaching-presenting music in a large, historical, holistic, traditional, international, and intellectual contexts.

Dean Bryant

PE Teacher & PE Coordinator

As the P.E. teacher of ISA Tianhe School, Dean has over 30 years of experience teaching and leading Physical Education in England and abroad. As a highly enthusiastic and encouraging teaching professional, he has implemented an engaging Physical Education curriculum for both the Early Years and Primary pupils that includes aesthetic and recreational sports/activities.

Dean graduated with a B’ed Hons in P.E..

He is passionate about delivering a curriculum that is both challenging and enjoyable and is looking forward to implementing a new P.E. curriculum for both the Early Years and Primary pupils.

Mark Thompson

PE Teacher

A PE teacher with over 5 years experience in education and sports coaching. Mark has worked in China as well as in Europe, working with students of all ages, between those just starting their school journey and those in their final year.

Mark graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University with a degree in Sports Coaching and Development. He also has a PGCE from Leeds Beckett University. While at university, Mark has completed various coaching badges in different sports such as football and rugby. Aside from this, Mark also has completed workshops in IB, PYP focused, showing an interest in professional development and working to improve as an educator.

Student enjoyment of PE is at the heart of Mark’s teaching approach, and he strives to create a positive and open environment for students to flourish and learn.

Andrew Bowden

PE Teacher

Andrew Bowden joins the 2022-2023 ISA Physical Education team with eight years of teaching and leadership experience. He has taught a variety of age groups, from early years to Middle School. He coaches several sports, but he is most passionate about soccer. He has been coaching soccer for over ten years!

Andrew graduated from Southampton University in 2011 with a BA Honours degree. He then completed his Post-Graduate education (PGCE) at the University of Nottingham in the UK. He is qualified and experienced in numerous sports and is excited to share his experience with the ISA Tianhe community.

He believes in the power of sport to aid in the education process. By promoting engaging sporting opportunities, students can gain valuable social and physical skills and learn about healthy living.

Neal Deng

Mathematics Teacher

Neal, working as a mathematics teacher in ISA Tianhe, has more than 8 years of teaching experience. Before he joined in ISA family, he had been teaching TOEFL, IELTS, SAT math, and ACT math more than 6 years. Neal had helped lots of students gain full scores in TOEFL, IELTS, SAT math and ACT math. With deep insight in multiple subjects, he is able to combine daily examples with math smartly to stimulate students’ math interests. Moreover, he has helped students in ISA Tianhe to gain gold, silver, and bronze medals in AMO, SASMO by giving students intensive math Olympiad training. Meanwhile, he has the skills to teach in an inclusive environment. He can teach students in China and Western countries in the same group flexibly, and there is always so much fun in his class.

Trista Long

Mathematics Teacher

Trista received a Master’s degree from the South China University of Technology. She has almost 10 years of teaching experience, focusing on English and Maths teaching. She taught TOEFL, IELTS, SAT math, and A Level math. As an experienced teacher, Trista has encountered cross-cultural students of all ages. She helped them to prepare language and subjects tests, ensuring they can finally get an ideal score to apply to prestigious schools. With the accumulated experience of how to get along with different students, Trista would like to use these to deliver lessons effectively to help and enlighten students to perform better and explore new things around them.

Paris Delikouras

EAL Teacher

Paris joined ISA in 2016 as a teacher of English Language, Language Acquistion and ESL. He has also enjoyed teaching Y8, and Y9 at the Middle School attached to Sun Yat-Sen University. He has a BSc (Honors) Degree in Linguistics & Computation from the University of Manchester, England, the UK, and IPGCE International Poist Graduate Certificate of Education University of Sunderland, England, UK as well as many IB MYP and PYP teaching certificates.

Patrick Ennis

EAL Teacher

As a member of the EAL Department of ISA Tianhe School, Patrick brings more than 20 years of education experience to our school. He became a member of ISA Tianhe International School of Guangzhou in 2021. Throughout his career, he has worked in Early Years, Primary and Middle schools in China. Patrick graduated from the University of Arizona with a BA in Music. He holds certificates in Teaching English as a Second Language, and IB Certificate in Teaching and Learning, demonstrating his dedication to continued development. He has worked tirelessly as an educator to create respectful, engaging, and effective learning environments for students to experience the thrill of learning.

Sherry Xie

EAL Teacher

Sherry graduated from Northwestern Polytechnical University, majored in German, and has a Postgraduate Diploma in English Translation from Jinan University. She has a Certificate for Teaching English in High School, TESOL for Children Certificate, and Business English Certificate Vantage. She has trained in IB teaching with a Certificate in Language Acquisition (Implementing the PYP curriculum).

With 4 years of education experience in ISA Tianhe International School and a friendly style of teaching, Sherry is patient, thoughtful and popular among students.

Annie Chen

EAL Teacher

Annie graduated from City University of Hong Kong and has a master's degree in English Language Studies. Annie has been working in international school for four years. In her class, she always designs various activities to get students interested and engaged. She encourages students to ask questions and apply learnt phonetic skills to reading in class. She really enjoys working with students and helping them with their English language learning. She has experience working with students of early years, primary as well as middle school. She also holds a IB language certificate and TESOL certificate.

Kira Li

EAL Teacher

Kira is an EAL teacher who is committed to promoting innovative approaches to learning and teaching. She has four years of experience in international IB schools. She has taught students in kindergarten, primary school, and junior high school. She is good at providing personalized learning management for students and helps them gain all-around development. She has passion in developing students become positive and responsible life-long leaners. She focuses on bilingual education, stimulating students' interests in learning and expanding students' global vision. As an educator, she strives to create a safe, supportive and diverse learning environment for all learners and leads them to develop their potentials.

Jo Jiao

EAL Teacher

Jo is the EAL teacher of ISA Tianhe. She graduated from the Lingnan Normal University with a bachelor's degree in Primary Education and got the master's degree in Project management from Sydney University. She worked as an English teacher in a public primary school in Guangzhou and then joined our school in 2019. She has assisted the Y5 PYP graduation exhibition for many times. She would like to guide students to develop the learning habit of thinking, exploring and summarizing on their own by using mind mapping and other methods.

Mary Chen

EAL Teacher

Mary has four years working experience at international schools, including teaching students from 4 to 11 years old. She has mentored on Y5 students’ PYP Exhibition. With patient and a strong sense of responsibility, she always encourages students to think out of the box and solve problems in various ways.

Mary has a master’s degree of Education from the University of Edinburgh and an English teacher qualification certificate for senior middle school. She has published a research paper related to children’s behaviours at an international academic conference.

Chinese Language Teacher

Camille Huang

Chinese Language Teacher & Chinese Language Dept. Secretary

Camille has over 6 years of experience in teaching Chinese in Thailand, Spain, the UK, and China. She received her undergraduate degree in Chinese as a Foreign Language and her master's degree in Chinese International Education from Jinan University. During her master's degree, she went on internships at Surat pitaya middle school in Thailand and Salamanca University in Spain, and after her master's degree, she went to the Confucius Institute at the University of Sheffield as a public Chinese teacher at the National Center for Chinese foreign language exchange and cooperation and was rated as the outstanding public Chinese teacher of 2020. Camille has a professional foundation and has successively obtained the Mandarin certificate (grade II), a senior middle school Chinese teacher qualification certificate, an international Chinese teacher qualification certificate, and IELTS 7.0; her rich teaching experience at home and abroad has enabled her to continuously improve her teaching enthusiasm and efficiency. Camille insists on the teaching concept of diversity and openness, respects individual differences, guides them patiently, and strives to help them grow into happy lifelong learners with autonomous learning abilities.

Amy Li

Chinese Language Teacher

Amy is a well-experienced teacher who has been engaged in education for 25 years, and she joined ISA Tianhe in 2015. Amy majored in Chinese Language and Literature Education at University. In her career, she used to be a Level I Chinese teacher in Chinese public schools.

Amy has dialectical thinking and an understanding of the development of Chinese Language subjects and interdisciplinary curriculum areas. She is very good at creating real-life situations that are relevant to children. In her class, students can easily make connections between knowledge and life to understand the world they live in.

Amy's classroom is dynamic and diverse. Her current teaching focuses on the early years teaching, and her teaching strategies include using stories, picture books, children's songs, and performances to foster good learning skills and naturally develop students' language skills.

Angel Jiang

Chinese Language Teacher

Angel, a Level I teacher, is certified as a senior secondary school language teacher, a junior secondary school English teacher and an elementary school language teacher. She graduated from South China Normal University with a Bachelor's degree in Chinese Language and Literature. She has taught in public and international schools for many years and has rich experience in teaching; she has been an excellent teacher loved by children and assured by parents. She has a wide range of interests and professional knowledge and won awards in various competitions. She is very patient with children, and the children in her classes have good character, excellent academic performance and good writing skills. Her students have also won many awards in significant essays, poetry recitation, and calligraphy contests. She believes in education with heart, warming children's hearts with love, leading children to bathe in the sunshine and guiding them to immerse in books.

Brown Xiong

Chinese Language Teacher

Brown has worked in education for over 30 years and has rich experience in teaching. Before joining Aisa Tianhe in 2015, he had been in charge of language teaching in middle and upper grades in domestic schools. He has a Bachelor's degree Chinese Language and Literature Education in college.

Brown focuses on student-centered teaching on the base of mutual respect. His classes are flexible and diverse with various forms. He is rigorous and interesting, and he is good at quickly bringing students into the context and using different teaching strategies to allow them to learn and master the relevant knowledge and skills, developing their Chinese language skills in an effective way.

Brown is good at guiding and stimulating children's expressiveness and creativity. His students have won awards in the First International HANDING Cup Chinese Language Arts Competition and the Second International Chinese Festival Chinese Language Competition. He has also coached students to participate in essay competitions in China with receiving fruitful results.

Vera He

Chinese Language Teacher

Vera has been teaching Chinese for nearly 7 years. She has a Bachelor's degree in Chinese as a Foreign Language from Guangxi Normal University and a Master's degree in Chinese International Education from Jinan University. She has a “Certificate for Teaching Chinese in High School”. As a volunteer Chinese teacher, she went to schools in South Korea and Thailand to carry out Chinese teaching. She also organized teachers and students to carry out various traditional Chinese cultural activities. What’s more, she also taught comprehensive courses of elementary Chinese classes at South China Agricultural University and worked as a head teacher.

She has been an ISA Tianhe teacher since 2018. She actively took part in studies on the IB Early Childhood Programme. She also got the relevant certificates by completing classroom implementation PYP courses and training.

Vera also continuously improves her professional knowledge and skills through attending various kinds of learning workshops.

She encourages students to think actively, inquire and practice through diversified classes.

Yuki Yu

Chinese Language Teacher

Yuki graduated from Guangzhou University with a master’s degree in Chinese International Education. She has the Teacher Certificate and International Chinese Teacher Certificate. She has nearly 10 years of experience in education, and she became a classical Sinology instructor and in 2013, guiding parents and students to learn The Book of Changes, Laozi, The Great Learning, The Doctrine of the Mean, Military Science Of Sun Tzu and so on. She has extensive experience in family education guidance. She joined ISA Tianhe in 2018 as a Chinese teacher.

She has a passion for IB education and she is committed to lifelong learning. She keeps learning educational psychology, her teaching style is friendly and easy with kinds of teaching forms. Yuki creates a mutually respectful and inclusive learning environment for students. She is good at inspiring students' interest in learning and letting students enjoy their studies.

Nancy Yan

Chinese Language Teacher

Nancy graduated from of Guangzhou University with Master’s degree of Education. She has worked in Lancaster University of UK for Chinese teaching by the Centre of Language Education and Cooperation. She holds teacher’s qualification certificate in Chinese, English, Mental health Education and IBDP certificate in Chinese.

In order to better study the IB Programme, she also participated in the training of IBDP Chinese teaching held by East China Normal University and received the IBDP teaching certificate. She has a passion for playing traditional Chinese musical instruments, and she is also a guzheng teacher in the school club.

Olivia Hu

Chinese Language Teacher

Olivia joined ISA Tianhe in 2021 as a Chinese teacher. She was once assigned by the Chinese foreign language exchange cooperation centre of the Ministry of education to the Confucius Institute of Baku State University in Azerbaijan to teach Chinese. She has taught students from children to adults. She has a systematic understanding of Chinese learning for students of different ages with different Chinese levels.

She graduated from Anhui University and received the Chinese International Education Master. She also has the Teacher Certificate and International Chinese teacher certificate. To have a deeper understanding of Chinese traditional culture, she also obtained the "Senior Tea Specialist Certificate".

Yuki has participated in the training about the IB PYP stage and inquiry-based teaching. She respects the individuality of students, teaches students through play and has been committed to creating a relaxed, lively and efficient learning environment for students.

Grace Liu

Chinese Language Teacher

Grace has rich experience in language teaching, having taught Chinese language and culture in Hong Kong, Xiamen and Guangzhou, as well as in European universities.

Grace holds a postgraduate diploma in International Chinese Language Education from the Hong Kong University of Education and has a language background of Level 8 Korean. She attended IB DP training to gain a deeper understanding of the IB curriculum and to practise the concept of lifelong learning. She also attended training in Chinese Tea Ceremony and holds an Intermediate Tea Ceremony Certificate. She is an instructor for the International Debate Competition. As a teacher, she is committed to creating a rich and interesting language learning environment for students to enjoy learning the language and experience the charm of different cultures.